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L'Allestimento del Matrimonio dei Tuoi Sogni

Matrimonio & Aziendale

Noi offriamo le decorazioni fioreali per il tuo evento.

the new generation of classic floral arrangements

YOUR florist


It aims to redefine the way flowers are celebrated. Attention to dried flowers and eternal roses allows us to keep all the beautiful memories that are behind them.

Our floral arrangements could last 2-3 years. We are proud to be able to provide handmade and carefully crafted gifts and decorations that are able to add beauty to one's home in an environmentally friendly way.

Did you know that millions of fresh flowers are wasted every year because they are not sold? That's why I decided to focus more on floral arrangements using dried and preserved flowers with a commitment to be more eco-friendly - as it aims to reduce waste in the floral industry by giving flowers a second life.


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